"I have been a client of Jeffery Wilms Training & Management, Inc. for over a decade. My girls were practically raised in that barn. The services they offer are top notch. They can cater to the needs of almost any client, from the weekend trail rider to the rider who is looking for a national title and everything in between. The horses are extremely well cared for and the support staff is superb. The facilities are impeccably maintained. JWT&M is a very friendly and fun environment and I have enjoyed every minute I have spent there over the years and am certain to enjoy it for many more.."
- Elke R.


"This facility is top-notch! Jeff and Amy truly care about each and everyone of their clients and their horses. Our granddaughter has learned so much from them and it’s always her favorite place to go! Dreamy views on the trail rides there, too! I could go on and on. Thank you so much to the entire team Wilms!!"
- Michelle M.


"Wilms ranch is an exquisite facility with all the bells and whistles. Not only is it nestled in some of the most most breathtaking scenery around, it provides a safe & secure home for my horse. Jeffrey & Amy are available & helpful as well as the staff. You can trail ride to the river out the back gate if you’d like & if not there are plenty of arenas as well as a large covered arena.  If you’re looking for a HOME for your horse, not just a stall , Wilms Ranch is simply the Best!!!"
- Stephanie W.


"What a fantastic facility and Top Notch trainers! Jeffrey and Amy Wilms are absolutely phenomenal! We’ve had 3 of our horses with them, including one we brought down from our Ranch in Washington for training. They excel at all disciplines of riding, and have developed my daughter’s riding skills over the past 7 years in English Hunt Seat, Dressage, and are bringing on Western Trail also! They’ve developed our horses into Scottsdale Championship winners, as well inspire a love and passion for the joy of riding and quality horsemanship. We will be members of Team Wilms for many years to come! "
- KK MacMillan

"Training with nationally recognized trainers, Jeffrey and Amy Wilms, has been an ongoing wonderful experience. Jeffrey and Amy are competent, capable instructors and know how to get the job done. They are caring and understanding of their client's needs, and have a deep understanding and compassion for the horse. Their facility is one of the best, with a huge outdoor training ring, a working cow horse pen, a complete trail ring, as well as outdoor grass pens for horses to run and play in. Their staff is friendly and always helpful, and accommodating.

The dynamic duo of Jeffrey and Amy Wilms can get you and your horse into the competitive ring. Their effective communication and understanding of the rider's needs, combined with patience and a healthy dose of humor, make training here a pleasure for both horse and rider and can lead you to the winner's circle.

My experience with Jeffrey and Amy Wilms has been nothing short of exciting and fun. From the first time I met Jeffrey and stated my needs to "get back in the saddle again," he was just so darn accommodating and encouraging. He put me in the saddle immediately, and there has been no turning back!

Thank you, Jeffrey and Amy, for taking me on as a client, and offering your knowledge and friendship. You guys are great!"
- Sue L, BC, Canada


"I was 62 years young when I decided to stop riding other people's horses and make my dream of owning a horse come true. After a few lessons with some not so great instructors, I found Amy and Jeffrey Wilms on the internet. I called and spoke with Amy Wilms a few times and liked what I heard. She was willing to take me on for lessons and prepare me for owning my own horse. While it was my intention to ride western trails, we started at the beginning, and I learned all aspects of riding and caring for a horse.

The Wilms facility is excellent. They have a really nice arena, a round pen, an obstacle course and a cow pen. It was a lot of fun getting in the cow pen to help out the riders cutting cows and something I never expected to do but can say it was a blast. Also gave me confidence that if we met a cow or another animal on the trail, my horse and I could handle it. Amy also helped my husband and I with the purchase of our horses. I first purchased my horse after riding her once or twice. She had been trained by the Wilms. I was amazed at how well trained the palomino mare was, and I instantly fell in love with her. After my husband realized how well my horse had been trained, he purchased his gelding from the Wilms barn without even seeing or riding him! Both horses are so well trained, my vet, my farrier and my horse riding club members cannot believe how well we did for first-time horse owners. All in all an excellent experience with Jeffrey Wilms Training and Mangement. The training has certainly paid off. We have been on trails now with cows, herds of wild horses and elk, our horses did great. On a desert ride with our club, my mare and I about stepped on a Gila monster! She stepped to the side and snorted a bit, while the other riders had to deal with their horses jumping, kicking and running off out of control. For riding instruction, learning safety around horses, learning about tack and horse training, the Wilms are the best!"
- Connie C


"Jeff and Amy Wilms are great people, great friends and most importantly great trainers. With the knowledge, skills, and attention to detail they bring to the arena, you most certainly won't be disappointed. I know we weren't! When I need a horse to win, I send mine to Wilms Training and Management."
- Cameron V, Payson, AZ

"For twelve years I have watched the growth and confidence build in my granddaughter's poise and riding skills. Amy accepted as a client a very young child who loved horses, then taught her to ride. Her trust in Amy showed in several ways. While on a horse the only voice she heard was Amy's. She was most willing to accept instructions from this considerate woman. Amy's teaching skills were enhanced by her demonstration techniques.

As the years passed, Jeffrey added his fine hand to her instruction. Again I saw a healthy way of handling her training.

Jeffrey and Amy are not only excellent instructors but also caring and considerate human beings.

Horseback riding is a fine discipline for young people, not only for riding skills but also in the care and handling of animals. Amy and Jeff teach these through their own behavior. We cannot overlook their kind treatment of employees. All aspects of these qualities show in the character of this couple.

I am proud of and pleased with my association with Amy and Jeffrey Wilms."
- Elmira A, Scottsdale, AZ


"There we were with a little girl who wanted nothing more for her 5th birthday than to ride a real horse. We went through the Yellow Pages and called tack shops and veterinarians. We went and looked at barns. Finally, we found one that was clean (or at least as clean as a horse barn can be); where the animals looked healthy and where people were smiling. Good start, right? But would they give lessons to a child that small and were they any good? In our first conversation with Amy, she told us there were two conditions to her taking on our daughter for lessons. The first was that she was tall enough to reach the stirrups on Amy's child's saddle. The second was that she would take direction and listen to instructions. So twelve years and four horses (two and a half we still have) later our family is still with the Wilms family. And, yes, they were good - national quality trainers and coaches - staff that teaches just like the owners - horses that are kept in prime physical and mental condition - facilities that are maintained. We had found it all plus more than we had ever dreamed.


Children are treated with respect. There are expectations that they will listen and be safe. They are nurtured and encouraged. And in return, they encourage and support each other as do the adults who ride and train there. Mothers and fathers become universal moms and dads making sure all the kids are ready to ride, show - whatever they may need. The atmosphere at the barn is amazing, and it is a reflection of Amy and Jeffrey and the way they deal with their staff (long-term employees) and their clients.

Wilms Training and Management offer training and coaching in multiple disciplines. Jeffrey and Amy complement each other to be sure that each child or horse receives the individual instruction he/she needs. They customize lessons based on the goals and abilities of the rider. They train their horses with the same care and respect they show their riders.


We heartily recommend the Wilms' barn to anyone looking for a horse trainer and/or a coach for themselves or their child."
- Gwen & Roger D, Paradise Valley, AZ

"It is an honor and with great pleasure to recognize and endorse a gentleman of your stature and integrity!

In business, equine, it is highly prized and sought after to be able to do business with professionals with the 'can do attitude.'

We administer and manage three class 'A' shows in Tucson. For the past decade, we have found the Wilms to be individuals with core values that promote both the industry as well as the interests of their individual customers. Your dedicated enthusiasm, as observed and dealt with, is recognized as sincere, honest and genuine with all individuals you come in contact with...

As you are well aware... quality people align themselves with people of integrity and respect....these characteristics are integral in our relationship in business as well as personal affairs in life...

Thank you for allowing me to ramble; however, your Training and Management program is exemplary and one to be trusted and entrusted for the professional skills and services you provide..
May you have many years of health and success...

- Jack M, Working Western Manager, SAAHA (Tucson, AZ) and Region 7 (Scottsdale, AZ)

"The Wilms barn is my home away from home. Amy and Jeffrey Wilms have created an environment that is unlike anything else I have ever seen with an emphasis on teamwork, hard work, and fun. The level of care given to the horses is unmatched anywhere else. I started riding with the Wilms when I was 11 years old, after a rocky start elsewhere. With the skilled coaching of Amy and Jeffrey, my confidence level skyrocketed, taking me to levels in the show pen I didn't know I could reach. Quickly, the two became huge role models in my life, teaching me lessons that not only helped me achieve a National level but have also applied immensely in the real world. The girls that I ride with quickly became my best friends, and how could we not? We all share a common love for riding and showing horses, a bond that not many other girls understand. We always viewed ourselves as a team and never competition, which is something both Amy and Jeffrey have always stressed to us. Being a part of this amazing atmosphere is more than I could have ever hoped for and I cannot wait to see where else my journey with Amy and Jeffrey Wilms will take me."
- Rachel P


"Working with Jeffrey I have been able to improve my skills as a horsewoman and achieve in the show ring in ways I would not have thought possible and have fun doing it. Most important of all, I know my horses are receiving absolutely the best of care while they are staying at Wilms."
- Robyn M, MD


"Being a part of the Wilms barn is an adventure in its own, with new people who are always friendly and a joy to be around. I started riding with Jeff and Amy on my fifth birthday and have never had a doubt whether or not I was in the best barn in town. The dedication that they have blown me away as they work there whole show string every day and coach multiple kids as well. Along with being amazing horse trainers, Jeff and Amy welcome every one of their clients into a family-like environment and are always willing to help. The Wilms girls and I have acquired a sort of bond, like a team, and do so much for each other. We don't only ride together at the barn; we travel the country together working to accomplish two goals, competing and have fun while doing what we love.

Amy and Jeff have become more than horse trainers to me, they have become role models and two individuals that I greatly look up too. They are two of the most talented riders out there and have taught me everything I know. I have been successful all over the country in multiple divisions, and I owe it all to Jeff and Amy. I have seen them take horses that seem to have no potential and turn them into national ranked winners.

This March I will have been riding at the barn for 12 years, and I am so thankful for all they have done for me. It has been the best 12 years of my life, doing what I love, in an environment full of wonderful people."
- Taryn D

"Jeffrey and Amy Wilms are two of the most knowledgeable people in the horse training industry. From the moment I met them their sincerity of putting me and my horse's needs and goals above their own was apparent. They truly take pride in watching their clients reach their potential and create such a positive environment you are constantly setting new goals for yourself. The care your horse receives is second to none. Wilms Training and Management stand alone with the training, the care, and tools they provide you and your equine partner."
- Scott M, Owner of Magnum Homes, Phoenix, AZ


"When we moved to Scottsdale from London 3 years ago, we wanted to find a western trainer for our 15-year-old son. We did considerable research to identify the best in the valley, and one name kept surfacing: Jeffrey Wilms.

Engaging Jeffrey proved to be the best decision we could have made for our son. Finding the right horse is one of the greatest challenges for a rider. Jeffrey found the right first horse for our son, took him forward great strides and became a trusted role model. Recently, Amy Wilms has been teaching our son English riding which has broadened his skills and taken his riding to the next level. Amy now has our son wonderfully settled on his second horse. While Jeff and Amy are both recognized competitive riders at a national level, their training is very much geared to the pace and interest of the individual. In their barn, one can have a great time whether wanting to compete with gusto or not at all.

Their stables are run to impeccable standards and every horse receives the highest standard of care. We have appreciated being contacted promptly with details and updates on any matters pertaining to our son's horse.

More broadly, working with Amy and Jeffrey at the Wilms Ranch has been far more than a place for our son to learn to ride, care for and board his horse. It is a second home for him. Jeffrey and Amy not only teach riding but do so in an atmosphere of having fun and in a manner which also builds character. It is a place guided by family values, respect for the individual and team play.

We highly recommend the Amy and Jeffrey Wilms in every aspect of equine training and management. They are true professionals who can be counted upon to provide leadership for all riders to reach the highest level of their individual ability in a safe and sound environment."
- Robert S


"Amy and Jeff run a world-class equine operation. At the Wilms Ranch, every type of rider and horse is welcomed and celebrated. There are riders who are tots getting on a horse for the first time through to retired folk finally getting to their dreams and riders at all stages of development in between. There are simple horses to high-value national champions all cared for with the same individualized attention. Amy and Jeff work with each person to achieve their goals with their horses often with flare and creativity.
Wilms are well known in the industry, and both know equine animal husbandry inside out. This is a great asset in helping clients choose the right horses for the right rider at the right time, keep their horses in the best possible condition and avoid costly pitfalls along the way.

For our son, Robert, 17, the Wilms Ranch is where he spends most of his free time. Here, with the dedicated coaching of Amy and Jeff, he has gone from strength to strength both as an individual and as a rider, growing in confidence and ability. We rest easy when he is at Wilms. We know he is in an environment that is one of strong values, teamwork, and integrity while having fun at the same time. It is a partnership that means a great deal to us all. The fact that our son can now ride like the wind is just a bonus to all the rest."
- Jane L